Gail Kelly Quizzes Employees On Westpac's Vision In The Elevator

If you’re waiting for a Westpac elevator and see Gail Kelly coming your way, you might consider taking the stairs.

Angela Priestley of Women’s Agenda reports that Kelly is known to quiz employees on Westpac’s strategy in the lift.

Kelly worked her way up to Westpac’s top job, from a teller position in South Africa’s Nedcor Bank in 1980 to leadership roles in human resources, marketing, and customer service.

She has been Westpac’s CEO since 2008.

According to Women’s Agenda, here’s what Kelly said at the bank’s Ruby Connection lunch last week:

Most people in my organisation know that if they get in a lift with me I might say, ‘Right we’ve got 21 levels to go between now and the 21st floor, let’s do the elevator pitch. So, what are the five pieces of our strategy?’

The vision needs to not just be what it is we do but it absolutely needs to be how is it that we need to achieve that, the purpose of what it is that we’re getting to.

It can’t just be that our vision is that we’re going to deliver acceptable returns for shareholders. That’s not a vision. That’s an outcome.

Nobody jumps out of bed in the morning and says, ‘Right I’m off to the bank and I’m going to deliver acceptable returns to the shareholders!’ That’s not the motivating thing.

The vision’s got to be something bigger and richer.

There’s more on Women’s Agenda.

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