The Gadgets That Will Work With Intel's Insanely Fast Thunderbolt

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With the launch of Apple’s new line of Macbook Pros today, we were introduced to Intel’s latest file transfer technology, Thunderbolt.Thunderbolt is miles ahead in terms of transfer speed when compared to USB or Firewire. It runs at 10 Gbps, which is fast enough to transfer a full-length HD movie in about 30 seconds.

It’s going to be a while before Thunderbolt becomes widely-adopted, but several manufacturers have said they intend to develop new hardware that’s compatible with it.

Most of the gadgets will be geared towards video and audio editing professionals, but more consumer-grade devices are sure to trickle through as the year goes on.

We took a look at the types of gadgets that will have Thunderbolt (besides the Macbooks) in the coming months.

Aja's Video Systems

Aja makes professional-grade video production equipment. The benefit of Thunderbolt with these products are pretty obvious. Transferring video from a deck or camera to an editing system will be a snap.

Apogee audio equipment

Agogee makes audio capture and editing equipment for recording professionals. Thunderbolt will be excellent for transferring large, high-quality mixes.

Avid editing systems

Avid makes fully-featured editing systems for post-production professionals. Thunderbolt's speeds will do wonders for transferring video from a variety of devices into the system.

Video cards from BlackMagic

BlackMagic Design makes video cards and other video capture hardware. Thunderbolt functionality will be great for serious video editors.

Professional-grade hard drives and storage

LaCie and Promise Technology manufacture several models of professional-grade storage solutions. Expect to see their external storage devices begin to implement Thunderbolt soon.

Consumer external hard drives

Western Digital specialises in hard drives and storage for consumers. With Thunderbolt, you'll be able to back up your entire system in minutes.

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