Gadget Guru Mossberg On Windows 7: Thumbs Up (MSFT)

Microsoft (MSFT) Windows executives must be breathing a quiet sigh of relief this morning: The WSJ’s Walt Mossberg, whose reviews can make or break a product, has taken a spin of the Windows 7 Beta. And Walt likes it.

There’s not a lot new in Walt’s review we haven’t seen in the other Windows 7 reviews around the web. Here’s Walt’s thinking:

  • “A pleasure to use… Windows 7 looks very promising, and could well help expunge the bad reputation of Vista.”
  • More like a facelift, fixing Vista’s flaws, than anything radically new.
  • It’s fast. Fast to boot, fast to wake up from sleep, fast to launch programs.
  • Software designed for Vista still works, impressive given 7 is only in beta.
  • Walt’s excited about multi-touch, but hasn’t tried it yet. (We at SAI aren’t looking forwards to touching our laptop screens, but the jury’s still out.)

So with all signs pointing to a highly competent, if conservative, new version of Windows, the big question for Windows watchers remains: Will we see Windows 7 later this year, or not until 2010?

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