Gabrielle Union Reveals What LeBron James Said To Dwyane Wade On The Morning Of Game 5

gabrielle union and dwyane wade

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Here’s an interesting anecdote from actress and unlikely NBA insider Gabrielle Union.Apparently her boyfriend, Dwyane Wade, stayed up until 4 a.m. on the night before winning the NBA title, and called LeBron at 8 a.m. to outline exactly what they wanted to do in Game 5.

Here’s the singular goal that came out of the conversation, Union told Sports Illustrated:

“What they wanted to do today, more than anything, was to play a complete game of basketball.”

They didn’t just want to win, they wanted perfection. And that’s what they got.

They shredded the Heat with ball-movement (assisting on 25 of their 40 field goals) and athleticism. In the second half, they reached a rare level of basketball fluidity that we only see once or twice a year — where every single shot is wide open, driving lanes are everywhere, and it’s only a matter of how they score, not if they score.

It was the best game of basketball the Big 3-era Heat have played. And LBJ and D-Wade called it, at least according to Gabrielle Union.

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