Kids Around The World Pose With Their Most Prized Possessions

Pavel Davinson Kiev toys around the world photography

Photo: Photography by Gabriele Galimberti

Everyone remembers their favourite childhood toy.Whether its a soccer ball, Lincoln Logs, or a Barbie doll, toys impact our experiences growing up. They not only say a lot about our personalities, but about our cultural environment, too.

Gabriele Galimberti, an Italian photographer and member of Riverboom Publishing, set out to take pictures of children all over the world posing with their most prized possessions.

He noticed the richer children tended to be more possessive with their toys, whereas children in poorer countries were more accustomed to sharing with neighbourhood playmates.

The toys the children decided to display also revealed a lot about their parents — whether it was a taxi driving mother who gave her son miniature cars or an Italian farmer whose daughter was photographed with her pastel-coloured plastic farm equipment.

But wherever the kids lived, one thing was universal: They just wanted to play.

Maudy Sibanda in Zambia loves her sunglasses collection.

Julia from Albania poses in her all-pink bedroom with her dolls.

Twins Arafa and Aisha display their toys on their bed in Zanzibar.

Puput from Bali, Indonesia shows her love for sports with her ball collection.

Li Yi Chen proudly poses with his fake guns and assorted toys in China.

Bethsaida in Port au Prince, Haiti has a single doll with accessories.

Alessia in Italy plays at farming on her family's real farm.

Chiwa in Malawi believes his dinosaur will keep him safe from kidnappers.

Pavel from Kiev has a large collection of toy guns.

Botlhe poses with her best friend in Botswana.

It's easy to guess what Noel from Dallas, Texas wants to be when he grows up.

This toy car is Taha Abou's prized possession in Beirut.

Reanya from Malaysia loves all her stuffed bears.

Tangawizi displays his stuffed monkey in a home in Kenya.

And Watcharapon shows his love for race cars in his Bangkok room.

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