A decision is about to come down for a Tinder date that ended in a grisly death

In August 2014, a 26-year-old New Zealand woman plunged 14 stories to her death outside of an apartment complex in Brisbane, Australia. 

Pathologist Diane Little was assigned to the case; she said the woman’s body “almost folded over itself” from the impact. Little found part of the woman’s jeans embedded in the woman’s skull.

Just hours earlier, the woman — Warriena Wright — had found a match on Tinder. The man, 28-year-old Brisbane resident Gable Tostee, swiped right on Warriena. She did the same to Tostee, and sparks started flying soon after.

“Can you be a freak in the sheets, Cletes?” Tostee asked Wright through Tinder (her username was “Cletus Bob,” a reference from “The Simpsons”). The two continued flirting through Tinder, eventually moving their conversation to text message and, eventually, to an in-person meeting. 

That meeting was on August 8, 2014. The two reportedly met in a mall, hung out for a bit, picked up a six-pack of beer, and went back to Tostee’s apartment, according to the Washington Post.

At 2 a.m. the next morning, Wright fell 14 stories to her death from Tostee’s apartment balcony.

According to Tostee’s neighbour on the floor below, Wright was seen dangling from the balcony above before the fall. “Legs came down and dangled in the air. I froze there, then the body fell on my balcony railing,” Tostee’s downstairs neighbour Gabriele Collyer-Wiedner told an Australian court, according to the Brisbane Times.

What happened between the Tinder date and Wright’s fall? That’s a story of he said/she said, but an audio recording of the evening, coupled with reports from the prosecuting and defence lawyers in the case, paints a picture of a date gone very wrong.

As the Post reports, Tostee claims Wright got physically violent with him (which can apparently be heard on the recording) at some point during the evening, and he locked Wright on his balcony.

According to the pathologist on the case, Wright’s blood alcohol content was 0.156 per cent, the Guardian reports  — US law considers legally drunk to be .08 per cent.

All of which is to say: Wright may have fallen to her death by accident, while attempting a drunken escape from Tostee’s balcony.

The case is ongoing in Australia, and a decision is expected shortly for the now 30-year-old Tostee. He’s being tried on charges of murder, and faces up to life in prison if convicted.

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