Travis Kalanick’s girlfriend: ‘Did you just call me a b—h?’

Travis kalanick, uber, gabi holzwarth

During the eighth annual Crunchies Awards last Thursday, actor/comedian TJ Miller kicked off the event by poking fun at some of the attendees and their startups — but he may have crossed the line when he called one audience member, who happened to be the girlfriend of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, a “b—h.”

On Monday, that woman — Gabi Holzwarth, a prominent violinist who also works for the “ship anything” startup Shyp — responded to the night’s events in a Medium post, titled, “Did you just call me a b—h?”

In the post, Holzwarth explains why she engaged in a back-and-forth with Miller after he initially called her a “bitch,” mentioning how she was physically assaulted and called “a little bitch” as a young teen. 

People continue to ask me if I am ok after this whole Crunchies fiasco  —  and I can honestly say “Yes, I am.” I can continue on with my life and have a great weekend with my friends and feel even stronger than before, rather than hurt.

For context, feel free to watch what actually happened in the video above: Miller first mentions Kalanick roughly six and a half minutes into his keynote, and after Holzwarth audibly boos, Miller engages her for a solid five minutes, making fun of her dog, and briefly, her Asian heritage. At around 11:11, Miller asks Holzwarth if Shyp involves pressing a physical or digital button to use the service, then asking the audience as an aside, “Is this b—h from Palo Alto?”

We reached out to her company and asked for comment and will update when we hear back.