Brian Laundrie’s sister shared texts and postcards from Gabby Petito not long after a body was found in the search

Cassie Laundrie
Cassie Laundrie, the sister of Brian Laundrie, speaks to ABC News’ ‘.’ Good Morning America
  • Brian Laundrie’s sister shared postcards sent to her by Gabby Petito on the couple’s road trip.
  • Cassie Laundrie sent condolences to Petito’s family after a body matching her description was found.
  • The full results of the autopsy are expected Tuesday.
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The sister of Gabby Petito’s boyfriend shared on Monday postcards and texts the 22-year-old sent to her from the couple’s road trip.

Laundrie’s sister Cassie also offered her condolences to Petito’s family in a statement Monday, saying “Gabby was a fun and loving influence to ‘the boys’ as she always referred to them,” according to ABC News.

A body matching Petito’s description was found Sunday near Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, after a massive missing person search. The results of an autopsy are expected Tuesday.

Throughout the search, Brian Laundrie refused to assist authorities, and went missing himself last week.

“The boys” in question are Cassie Laundrie’s children, to whom Petito appears to have addressed several cheerful postcards from her road trip with Brian.

Signing the cards “Aunt Gabby,” she wrote excitedly about the things she had seen in her “van-life” trip.

“Oh my gosh! Me and Uncle Brian were sitting on a rock eating a snack after a long walk, and the fattest squirrel I’ve ever seen!!! Came right on my lap!!” she wrote on one card.

“The sky here is so open, there’s more stars than I’ve ever seen!!” she wrote on another card apparently from Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park.

Other cards shared with ABC4 show colorful drawings of the rock formations the couple saw on their trip. “The rocks here are so cool!!

“Uncle Brian and I have seen many different rock-types, I knew there were different kinds of rocks, but I didn’t know that some are different formations, did you?”

A screenshot of Gabby Petito's Instagram page
Gabby Petito documented her travels on Instagram. Instagram/@gabspetito

In the text message, dated August 10, Petito is similarly upbeat, mentioning the children’s return to school and asking for pictures of them.

“We’re in arches right now so we don’t have [the] best wifi, but we did send you some mail,” she wrote, adding a hugging emoji. Arches is likely a reference to Utah’s Arches National Park, which the couple’s social media suggests they visited.

Cassie Laundrie is the only member of Laundrie’s family to have spoken directly to media since Petito went missing, giving ABC News an interview on September 17 in which she described Petito as “like a sister.”

Two people believed to be law enforcement were seen visiting Cassie Laundrie’s Lakewood Ranch home on Monday, according to Fox13 News.