G4TV Launches New Site, Still No Full Episodes Online

olivia munn

Comcast’s (CMCSA) G4TV network has rolled out a redesigned Web site ahead of the annual E3 gaming expo.

What’s not there? Full episodes of any of its shows, such as our favourite, Attack of the Show! (Where we’ve been semi-regular guests.)

That might seem strange, because like Comedy Central’s Daily Show — which streams on Hulu, among other sites — Attack of the Show! is a news-driven entertainment show with a limited freshness period. And G4’s audience is probably the youngest and tech-savviest on cable, meaning online streaming of full episodes might actually take off for G4.

But considering G4’s owner — Comcast, the largest U.S. cable company — it’s no shocker that you can only stream segments as clips. Cable bills — not advertising, and especially not Web video advertising — make Comcast’s millions. Therefore, Comcast’s networks — G4, Versus, etc. — are likely going to be among the most sensitive to making sure they’re not disrupted by online streaming.

So until Comcast’s “OnDemand Online” and similar services launch, which make sure you’re still paying for cable if you’re streaming online, we don’t expect to see full episodes online from G4.

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