The Private Security Firm At The centre Of An Olympic Scandal Really Don't Want You To Hear This Ridiculous 'Theme Song'

Things surely can’t get much worse for G4S, the huge private security firm that signed a $335 million contract to provide security for the London Olympics.

Not only have they failed to provide around 3,500 of the 11,000 personnel promised, but the army has had to be brought in to take their place. Chief executive Nick Buckles admitted that the situation was a “humiliating shambles” and that the reputation of G4S was now “in tatters”.

So right now Buckles and the rest of G4S are probably regretting allowing an inspirational hard rock theme-tune to be recorded and put on the internet last year. They’ve already taken the video down from YouTube since it was posted by the New Statesman last week, and links that we found that speak of its existence on the G4S site and Facebook page are now dead.

Luckily someone uploaded it to SoundCloud, so you can listen below, and yes, despite its strong resemblance to the Team America theme, this is genuine.


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