You can buy a $25 pizza slice in the US inspired by the infamous Fyre Festival cheese sandwich

Villa Italian KitchenIt’s called the ‘Festival Pyzza.’
  • The sad-looking cheese sandwich from Fyre Fest now comes in a pizza version at participating Villa Italian Kitchen locations.
  • The “Festival Pyzza” has just two slices of cheese thrown on it and a side salad without dressing.

  • It may have been created as a bit of joke, but it’s a real product you can buy if you’re willing to spend $US25.

If you have FOMO from missing out on Fyre Fest (especially now that you’ve seen the documentaries about what a failure it was) fear not! You can get an interesting take on what some frustrated festival-goers were served in Great Exuma with the “Festival Pyzza” from Villa Italian Kitchen.

The eatery is serving up a slice of pizza with sauce, but in the place of shredded, melted cheese it just has two slices of haphazardly placed cheese. And no, their side salad doesn’t come with dressing either.

A press release sent to INSIDER about the parody pizza has a similar tone to what the Fyre Fest used in advertising to mostly to wealthy consumers concerned with experiencing an influencer lifestyle.

At $US25 dollars a slice, the “luxury pizza” is an “experience for only the wealthiest consumers and industry influencers to enjoy,” according to the press release. “The extravagant combination is sure to be a staple at any beachside barbecue, model-infested yacht party, or three-day music festival in the Exumas.”

The pizza is not unlike the now-famous cheese sandwich that went viral on Twitter during the festival

In the tweet, a festival-goer posted a photo of a styrofoam container that held “literally slices of bread, cheese, and salad with no dressing.” It was what attendees were reportedly served even though they were promised gourmet food.Now Villa Italian Kitchen is selling their own take on the viral meal.

When Villa Italian Kitchen posted the image of the pizza on their Facebook page, some people were confused

Fyre Fraud hulu tents festivalHuluBoth Hulu and Netflix recently released Fyre Festival documentaries.

Those who perhaps hadn’t seen the Fyre Fest documentaries – or didn’t know the history of the cheese sandwich – thought that the eatery’s quality was slipping.

“This doesn’t look good whatsoever,” one user wrote. “This doesn’t look appealing,” another commented. “They can’t be serious [with] that display,” added another. But many more users got the joke and complimented the company on the unique marketing tactic. “That pizza looks Fyre!” one wrote, while another commented, “Genius way to get your company some exposure. Much props.”

A spokesperson confirmed to INSIDER that the pizza is for sale at participating Villa Italian Kitchen locations, but you should call your local one to see if they’re serving up the themed slice.



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