FX's Animated Series 'Archer' Posted (Semi-) Nude Pics On Reddit

The media world was fascinated by the New York Times’ first native ad yesterday, but the native campaign from the animated show “Archer” was livelier than a dry article from Dell. The show’s network FX put nudes of its characters in Reddit’s raunchy r/GoneWild page.

The attention to detail in the posts is pretty impressive, with great post headlines and user names.

“Archer” has an active fanbase on Reddit, so it’s not surprising that the posts have been getting love across the site. They serve as reminders of the fifth season’s premiere on Jan. 13.

Here they are:

The campaign fits into a trend of networks connecting to their fans organically. Fox’s “The Mindy Project” set up Tinder accounts for its main characters, and HBO’s “Girls” recently launched a Snapchat profile.

All three of these examples are like guilt-free native ads, serving mainly as ways to increase existing fans’ enthusiasm for the shows, and to also reel in potential viewers intrigued by a refreshingly different promotion.

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