Videoconferencing Startup FuzeBox Nabs $20 Million

Jeff CavinsJeff Cavins, CEO of FuzeBox

Photo: YouTube/FastCompany

Startup FuzeBox today announced a nice, fat Series A round, $20 million, backed by some heavy hitters, including Mike Volpi at Index Ventures and Vinod Khosla at Khosla Ventures.Insight Ventures also participated.

FuzeBox has been competing fiercely in a pretty crowded market, cloud collaboration and videoconferencing, where it contends with the likes of WebEx.

FuzeBox doesn’t require a Web browser plug-in and is designed to work great on mobile devices like smartphones. So it’s been attracting big customers like Spotify, GM, Evernote, Kellogg’s, Virgin Galactic, its founder, Jeff Cavins, told Business Insider.

“Our goal is to be the Apple of our space,” he told us. That’s a big goal given the dozens of online meeting cloud services that exist.

But he’s got some big names in his corner. Volpi was once known as a rising star at Cisco whose venture career is best known for Skype and Path. Khosla was one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems and his firm is known for lots of hits, including Square and Yammer.

Prior to FuzeBox, Cavins was known as the CEO of LoudEye, a digital-music company which eventually sold to Nokia for $60 million back in 2006.  LoudEye was ahead of its time with a mobile music download service before smartphones and broadband Internet.

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