We'd Love To See These Futuristic User Interfaces From The Movies Exist In Real Life

Iron Man 3 Heads Up UI

Movies are full of futuristic computers and holographic displays that can make any tech enthusiast drool.

Everyone remembers the mind-blowing user interface in “Minority Report,” but what about movies from the past couple of years?

Advances in special effects have allowed the computers of the future to become a cinematic reality, with an attention to detail so minute you often feel like you could reach out a hand and start typing.

But it can be hard to get a good look at them before the scene changes, and you’re often left wondering how feasible the user interfaces could be.┬áThankfully, the team over at Noteloop Kit has begun collecting screenshots of them all.

We’ve compiled a gallery of the most cutting edge and imaginative of the UI’s for you to take a look, complete with lots of detail.

The future can’t come fast enough.

But Stark needs to get work done at home too, and that's where his Google Glass-on-steroids headset comes into play, with a more lightweight version of his helmet's user interface.

Vika's main display features a prominent map for guiding Jack, a section for monitoring the fuel and repair status of their various drones, a hydro rig monitor, and finally a section for maintaining communications with their headquarters, the Tet.

A more in-depth look at Vika's drone monitoring screen.

During the film's intro, Spock must descend into an active volcano to activate a device that will stop it from exploding. Onboard the Enterprise, the team can monitor both Spock and the volcano's activity.

The final, approved workstation swapped photograph-quality images for 3D character models.

There are small screens too, such as this little media device used to compare DNA samples.

A closer look at what the crew of Prometheus sees on their computer screens.

The movie uses lots of colour in its user interfaces, just take a look at these environment scans.

Here Wayne can tap into the FBI's criminal database, even analysing fingerprints.

Wayne uses his computer terminal to first learn about Selina Kyle, otherwise known as Catwoman.

A closer look at Q's displays.

The Avengers: Iron Man isn't the only one using advanced tech, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill uses a triple monitor display to observe the helicarrier.

Here's a closer look at what Agent Maria Hill sees, during downtime (above) and in the midst of a battle (below).

A closer look into the computer's presentation shows the three-dimensional modelling, which is used to show how the chimps were able to solve the classic ring puzzle in fewer moves.

Folder systems are streamlined in the TRON universe, and is that an Apple remote we spy in the lower left?

But nothing compares to the fully interactive holographic displays found within the Grid, which even allow for its users to separate holographic 'pieces'.

Want to see a futuristic piece of technology, available today?

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