These 7 futuristic trends are changing food

Soylent3SoylentBay Area-startup Soylent created a milkshake that is designed to replace entire meals.

Silicon Valley prides itself on efficiency and innovation, so it’s no wonder the tech industry has started making major changes to the way food is delivered and consumed.

With meal replacement companies like Soylent getting so big they’re spawning their own competitors, and restaurants opening on both coasts that don’t use a single human employee, ambitious startups are already making big changes to the way we eat and drink.

Want to inhale your caffeine instead of drinking it? You can do that. Want to grow two different vegetables on one plant? That’s possible, too.

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most futuristic food and drink trends out there.

Vapshot is vaporized alcohol that you can consume through a straw. Vapshot says its bottles contain 1/60th of the amount of alcohol contained in a liquid shot and is designed to bring out 'the true flavour of the liquor.'



Soylent, and similar companies like Ambronite and Ample, create 'intelligently designed' meal replacement milkshakes. Soylent says its shakes include 'the protein, carbohydrates, lipids and micronutrients that a body needs to thrive.'



The TomTato plant, which was created by plant and seed company Thompson & Morgan, allows gardeners to grow two plants at once: a tomato plant above ground, and a potato plant below ground.

Thompson & Morgan

Meat grown in a lab might sound too futuristic, but a startup called Memphis Meats has already accomplished it: The company creates meatballs out of beef cells that are grown in a lab.

Rather than drinking an energy drink or cup of coffee, AeroLife wants you to start taking an 'air-based shot of smart energy.' Created by a Harvard professor, the inhaler-like device is said to deliver 100mg of caffeine.



Founded in San Francisco but expanding to New York City, Eatsa is a completely automated restaurant. Diners order and pay on a tablet and the food is delivered in a cubby a few minutes later.



For those that don't have time to drink a full cup of coffee, Nootrobox has created another option: Chewable coffee. Nootrobox says one of its Go Cubes contains the same amount of caffeine as a half cup of coffee.

Lydia Ramsey/Business Insider


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