This Edible Blob Could Be The Water Bottle Of The Future

Move over, plastic water bottles. There’s a new way to carry around your water (kind of). Ooho is an biodegradable and edible membrane made of brown algae that holds water, according to PSFK.

The flexible water bottle kind of resembles the top of a jelly fish, or a silicone implant.

Ooho was developed by three London design students who were aiming to make something sustainable, durable, and cheap — it only costs two cents to make, according to Fast Company.

While the clear blob fits those categories, it does seem like the amorphous shape could be problematic for packing in coolers. Drinking out of the Ooho could prove tricky, as well.

Nevertheless, Ooho certainly looks cool and if we ever needed a quick sip of water or wanted to gain some green karma points for the week, maybe we’d grab the biodegradable algae. The design was a recipient of this year’s Lexus Design Award; no word on when/if it will appear in your local supermarket anytime soon.

Check out the video from Fast Company below to see how it works:

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