Future Of TV: HyperTargeted Ads

SAI senior editor Michael Learmonth reports from the Future of Television conference:

The future of TV obviously hinges on the future of advertising. What will that look like? Get ready for hyper-targeted, personalised pitches delivered through social networks (Facebook) or addressable cable boxes (Comcast).

Blair Westlake, Microsoft VP of Media and Entertainment, says that consumers don’t mind being targeted, unless the data collection “is being done behind your back.” Westlake argues that MSFT rival Google isn’t doing this well enough with its Gmail service, and that it could pose a problem for the company down the line.

The upside: Coming tech will allows niches to be sliced thinner — and not just so advertisers can target youngsters. CBS ratings guru David Poltrack believes Madison Avenue will use set-top data to target boomers, many of whom are outside the 18-49 demo.

“CBS has twice as many viewers over 55 years of age as the other guys and we’re not getting paid for that,” Poltrack said.

Unrelated applause line:
“I’m way too busy to watch YouTube” — Jordan Hoffner, Head of Premium Content Partnerships, YouTube

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