A Compilation Of Funny Vine Videos

When Instagram decided to add video, it sure looked like bad news for Vine, Twitter’s 6-second video service.

A month and a half after Instagram’s video launch, we don’t think Vine is toast. Vine has successfully carved out an identity that is distinct from Instagram video, which should help it thrive.

Below, we have a compilation of Vine videos we saw someone tweet. They’re great. They also show how Vine has a unique voice.

Vine has successfully positioned itself as a place to create 6 second films, moreso than just 6-second videos.

Instagram, in our experience, is more about 15-second videos. They’re just little snippets of life, not crafted little videos like on Vine.

Not everyone is going to be great at making Vine videos, but not everyone is great at YouTube, or Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook, for that matter.

You just need enough people that are great at Vine to get people using Vine, and watching Vine videos.

There’s a theory about successful user generated content sites that 1% of the user base creates the content, 9% edits content, and 90% watches. Vine would fit very nicely with that theory.

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