Siri Is Still Giving Hilarious Answers To Weird Questions

funny siri

Photo: Shit That Siri Says

We’ve previously shared some of the wackiest, weirdest things we’ve seen Siri say in response to a user’s silly questions.More and more of them keep popping up and appearing on the Shit That Siri Says Tumblr, so here’s a collection of more weird Siri interactions to make you laugh.

At least Siri knows its place

We think this one is fake

No, not quite...

Siri adopts a very Zen attitude

Leave the assistant alone

It's hard to make friends with robots

Siri has its sources

Loaded with Pulp Fiction references

Siri will help the wrong person find a bridge

This one defies explanation

Siri will hurt your feelings and send you to a hospital

Trying to bond with robots in vain

Don't get cocky

Want more weird Siri answers?

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