14 Reasons Why Bubba Watson Is Golf's Biggest Cult Hero

bubba watson

We learned today that Bubba Watson owns a hovercraft golf cart that can drive on water.

It’s just the latest example of why the world has fallen in love with him.

Bubba doesn’t take himself too seriously, plays like a wild man, and is always down for a good time.

Since winning the Masters last year, he has become one of most enjoyable people in sports.

He owns a hovercraft golf cart that drives on water

He has never taken a golf lesson in his life

Source: Letterman

He bought the actual car from the Dukes of Hazzard for $110,000

Source: Yahoo!

Source: SI

He raps in a parody group called the Golf Boys

Source: New York Times

He hits shots no one else even tries. He won the Masters with this crazy out out of the woods

He doesn't take himself seriously. He once wondered onto the CNBC set and videobombed an anchor

He started from the bottom. His mother had a paper route when he was in high school to earn extra money

Source: The Gazette

Source: SI

He's hilarious on Twitter

He once burned Piers Morgan

Source: SI

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