12 Hilarious Tumblrs You Should Be Reading Right Now

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Sometimes you just need a laugh for the sake of a laugh.Here are 12 Tumblrs that consistently make us chuckle. We encourage you to check them out for yourself.

What Tumblrs are missing from this list? Let us know in the comments!

Animals Being Dicks

If you like animated GIFs of animals being dicks to humans or other animals, this is for you.


Garfield Minus Garfield

What do you get if you remove Garfield from his Garfield strips? A hilariously sad dystopian document about a guy struggling to deal with himself.


Hungover Owls

Apparently owls party a little too hard and the following morning gets rough for them. This Tumblr catalogues some of their weaker hungover moments.


Starbucks Spelling

Starbucks baristas can't get everyone's names right all the time. This Tumblr catches the best, funniest, and weirdest Starbucks spelling mistakes.



We alternately love and hate our iPhone's autocorrect. Here's a collection of the funniest autocorrect mishaps.


Shit No One Has Ever Said

It's exactly what it sounds like -- a site that catalogues submissions of things no one has ever uttered aloud.


The Content Farm

A funny elbow in the ribs of content companies like Demand Media, The Content Farm features 'informative articles about every topic, written by people with a passing knowledge.'


On The Bro'd

Here's every sentence of Jack Kerouac's On The Road, rewritten for bros. For example: 'I first met Dean not long after Tryscha and I hooked up. I had just gotten over a wicked fucking hangover that I won't bother to talk about, except that it had something to do with a six-foot-five douchebag and a beer bong.'


The Monkeys You Ordered

Literal captions to New Yorker cartoons! We love this one.


Comically Vintage

By posting single panels of vintage comics and providing no context whatsoever, this Tumblr is sure to incite a chuckle.


Sad Guys On Trading Floors

A sad picture with a funny caption. It'll help make Wall Street a little less grim.


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