The Funniest People In Tech To Follow On Twitter

ed zitron

Photo: Jill Zitron

Following technology news via Twitter can get dry and boring pretty easily.Thankfully there’s a cadre of people working to mix it up with funny tweets about tech (or something else entirely).

Our hats are off to these hilarious folks deriving comedy from the weird world of technology.

You can follow them all at once by following this Twitter list here.

Rurik Bradbury, Co-founder of Unison - @rurikbradbury

John Herrman, Deputy Editor of FWD - @jwherrman

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box - @levie

Mike Isaac, senior editor of AllThingsD - @mikeisaac

Fake Jeff Jarvis - @profjeffjarvis

Ed Zitron, Founder of EZPR - @edzitron

Laura June, features editor at The Verge - @laura_june

Katie Notopoulos, editor at Buzzfeed - @katienotopoulos

Max Read, news editor at Gawker - @max_read

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