Take a look at what employees at top companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adobe do for fun in the office

LinkedIn In Day Board gameSarah JacobsLinkedIn employees sit down for a board game during ‘InDay’ — a monthly event that offers LinkedIn employees the chance to participate in different activities and team-building exercises.

All work and no play makes … well, certainly nothing good for office morale.

When Business Insider toured the offices of Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Kickstarter, and Adobe, both virtually and in person, we found that they’re all full of opportunities to have a little fun in the workplace during the day.

From swinging around in the gym to playing some fun, old-fashioned board games, here’s what these employees do at the office when they aren’t working:

Employees at Yelp's Manhattan office can enjoy a game of corn hole during work hours ...

Hollis Johnson

... or a quick round of table hockey.

Hollis Johnson

And for the more musical workers at Yelp, there's always the office's new karaoke machine.

At LinkedIn, they have got all the goodies, including a pool table, foosball tables, and a karaoke machine

Sarah Jacobs

LinkedIn workers can also enjoy a video game or a film in the office's theatre.

Sarah Jacobs

Their Empire State Building office also has its own secret speakeasy, hidden by a wall of rotary phones.

Sarah Jacobs

On the day Business Insider visited, LinkedIn was hosting an 'InDay' -- a monthly event that offers LinkedIn employees the chance to participate in different activities and team-building exercises. This VR demonstration was one of the day's special activities.

At Facebook's Manhattan location, workers can kick back and play one of the board games sprinkled throughout the office.

Sarah Jacobs

If they're feeling fancy, they can also play dress up with this employee-built wall of disguises.

Sarah Jacobs

LinkedIn employees aren't the only ones who got to enter the virtual world. Facebook let its employees try out VR tech when Business Insider stopped by, too.

In Kickstarter's Brooklyn office, workers can play the arcade strategy game Killer Queen in the office's large, homey kitchen.

Hollis Johnson

Or, they can take advantage of their own rooftop garden to relax in the great outdoors (with the office dogs, too!).

Employees at Adobe's San Jose, California headquarters like to hit the office's free gym on their downtime. There are plenty of group fitness classes for work buddies to check out together.

Emily Hagopian Photography

The more hardcore workers can swing around in the office's gym. This training set is a fun way to pretend you're an Olympic gymnast -- and stay fit at work.

Emily Hagopian Photography

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