Full-time work is much harder to find in Australia’s east coast regional cities

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If you are looking for a full-time job then Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra are the places to be according to the latest Australian Job Market report from online employment search engine Adzuna.

In its September report, Adzuna said more than 20% of all jobs advertised on the site are part-time “predominantly in the Healthcare, Trade & Construction, Hospitality and Teaching sectors”.

But only 11% of jobs in Sydney, 12% in Canberra and 13% in Melbourne are part-time. Brisbane has 20.2% of jobs advertised as part-time.

But step to the big regional cities either side of Sydney and Brisbane and the outlook changes, Adzuna’s data shows. These regional centres are all in the top 5 “most difficult cities in Australia to find full-time employment”.

On the Gold Coast, 45% of all jobs are part-time, while the Sunshine Coast at 37% isn’t far behind. In New South Wales, the stronger economy helps a little but the metrics for Newcastle (35% part-time), the Central Coast (33%), and Wollongong (26%) show these cities are above the national average.

Clearly the big capitals are still where it’s at when it comes to finding full-time employment – both in total numbers and also percentage of full-time jobs on offer.

Looking at the break up of part-time jobs, the Adzuna data shows it really is health care driving the rise in availability nationwide. That sector makes up 26.45% of all part-time jobs on the site, with hospitality the next highest at 12% and trades and construction rounding out the top three with 9.3% of all part-time job offerings on the site.

But there is one potential bright spot for workers outside the major capitals.

“The Healthcare, Hospitality, Trades and Teaching industries have the highest percentage of part-time positions available nationwide,” Adzuna CEO Raife Watson said.

“The data on part-time jobs in the Healthcare sector is, however, elevated by the number of positions for contract staff with high day rates, in rural locations.”

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