Here are the 38 new emojis coming to your phone next year

Good news for smartphone addicts: New emojis are coming!

The Unicode Consortium has announced that its adding 38 new emojis to its vast list of texting symbols.

These new symbols are slated to be added to the emoji mix in June 2016, Yahoo Tech reports.

The Unicode Consortium is the California-based group that designs all the emojis you’ll find on smartphones. The individual smartphone makers then decide which ones to include. So while a middle-finger emoji exists in the list of emojis the Consortium offers, only Microsoft phones support them.

The new emojis include a hand taking a selfie, a shrug (which, before, was popularised with this emoticon: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), a hand with its fingers crossed, and loads of new animals and foods.

Apple added 300 new symbols with its latest iOS software update earlier this year. We’ll see how long it takes until iPhones and iPads support these new designs.

To see the full lineup, check out the Unicode Consortium’s update here.

Here are the new emojis:

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