'Full Frontal with Samantha Bee' boss reacts to Emmy nominations: 'We're feeling the love'

“The Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” team is happy about its Emmy nomination for writing announced Thursday — even if the show didn’t get recognised in the outstanding variety talk series category, which many saw as a snub.

“These writers very much deserve it,” showrunner Jo Miller told Business Insider. “They’re the most talented bunch of writers I’ve ever seen and I think they’re just getting better every week.”

The nomination is even sweeter after the show made headlines for the way it went about hiring its writing team. It tweaked a partially blind application process used by other shows, then Miller made a concerted effort to find writers with both talent and diverse backgrounds. That resulted in an almost unheard of 50% female and 30% nonwhite team of writers.

“They’re just a small, dedicated team that go full-out all the time and care passionately,” Miller said. “We’re really happy to see their efforts get recognised.”

While fans of “Full Frontal” are disappointed it wasn’t able to break into the show category alongside a boys’ club that includes Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Bill Maher, Miller takes it in stride.

“We’re very happy to be nominated for writing and appreciate the love we’re seeing on Twitter,” she said. “We are certainly feeling the love from fans and from the critics… We’re going to do the show that we love and it’s wonderful if others love it, too.”

And as for Samantha Bee, the showrunner doesn’t believe this snub has tapped into the host’s competitive side.

“We’re not competitive at all,” Miller said. “We know all the people at the other shows and we’re happy for their successes. I had mentioned to [Bee] that someone asked me if we were doing the conventions to position ourselves in the late-night game and she just laughed for 10 minutes.”

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