IT’S OFFICIAL: ‘New Chernobyl’ Fukushima Will Take Decades To Clean Up


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Japan finally gave an estimate for how long it will take to clean up after Fukushima.”It will take three, five, 10 years, or eventually several decades to take care of the accident,” Kan said Saturday according to Reuters.

Several decades all told puts this disaster in a category with Chernobyl, which remains a nuclear dangerzone decades after its accident. Kan did not specify when the 80,000 people who have evacuated from the area can return.

Meanwhile they’re still trying to stop meltdown:

Goshi Hosono, the government minister appointed to oversee Japan’s response to the nuclear crisis, told reporters he believed Tokyo Electric had achieved its target of establishing a stable cooling system for the reactors, the first of a series of steps needed to shut down the plant by January.

Efforts to cool the Fukushima reactors currently hinge on a complex and hastily constructed system to decontaminate thousands of tonnes of water being pumped into the reactors and then to circulate it back through the reactors.

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