BRILLIANT: Band Creates 10-Minute Documentary To Promote New Album

fucked up

Could this be the new book trailer?

In order to promote its forthcoming release “David Comes To Life,” the band Fucked Up filmed a 10-minute documentary.

The video, produced by Robert Semmer, features interviews with members of the group talking about the album and the evolution of the band in general.

“‘David Comes To Life’ is kind of the culmination of 10 years of Fucked Up learning to be a band,” one of them says.

The goal of the documentary is to show Fucked Up’s transition from a punk/hardcore band to something “more serious.”

“At the show at least we’d rather be entertaining than interesting or, you know, respectable,” guitarist and band founder Mike Haliechuk says.

And then there is this gem: “Everybody goes home with a smile on their face and their hearing slightly more damaged.”

Video below.