Gizmodo editor Brian Lam, who got hammered incessantly for Gizmodo’s report that Steve Jobs’ health was deteriorating, responds to his critics.

Brian also tells Steve Jobs he hopes “you kick the motherfucking shit out of whatever is making you sick, and you get better and come back in June strong as an ox and go on to do great things in a third act at Apple”:

Publishing rumours about Steve Jobs’ health is one of the most distasteful things I’ve done in a long time. Let me just get this off my chest.

Do not read on if you have a problem with foul language.

Professionally, I think we did what we were supposed to do, and let me be clear, I am proud of the work I did with Jesús Diaz on this series. But personally, I feel very different about the writing we did on Steve’s health. I think this is a good example of the kind of cold investigating that makes everyday people hate journalists. And over the last two weeks, I’ve hated my job and sometimes, myself, too.

We received a lot of ill will for covering this topic. What’s stupid is that most of these people still missed the point of why it is wrong. Other traditional journalists have complained to us about the techniques and styles that we’ve used to report these rumours. Investors have complained and threatened to sue because we’ve hurt the stock. Some of my own writers even had the nerve to suggest I did it for traffic alone, while others think that I shouldn’t even be writing this post at all, because it’s tacky. I would like to take this moment to tell these people to shut the fuck up and shove these reasons up your asses.

FUCK YOU APPLE INVESTORS WHO HAVE WRITTEN ME HATE MAIL. If you don’t have the balls to hold the stock through some rumours you think are false, IGNORE THE rumours OR SELL THE STOCK!

FUCK YOU OTHER JOURNALISTS WHO WROTE ME HATE MAIL. Almost all of you who didn’t like our sourcing are doing some really nasty backpeddling, and consulting the talking head witch doctors and analysts looking for data. There is no data there, you jerkoffs!

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