Apple Patents Reveal Future iPhones Will Work For The Blind, Tone Deaf

iphone 3g s

Future iPhones might have a Karaoke application, fingerprint ID and RFID, reveal Apple patent applications MacRumors dug up.

Apple also filed a patent for something called “haptic tactile feedback,” which will help users operate their phones without looking at the screen.

The patent claims that with the help of a “grid of piezoelectronic actuators, a user will ‘feel’ different surfaces as their finger moves across it.”

Future iPhones might use fingerprint ID as an input method. For example, fingerprint from the index finger for three seconds could mean “Home,” and fingerprint from index finger on a media app could mean “play” or “stop.”

Apple is also preparing for the emergence of RFID tags, with its plan to equip future phones with RFID readers, by placing an RFID antenna on its touch sensor panel.

Do you avoid karaoke nights for fear of terrible singers? Have you ever wanted to ask someone to shut up in the middle of their karaoke performance? Well, your future iPhone will do just that!

Apple also filed a patent for a Karaoke application that provides real-time feedback to let users know as they are singing, if they are off-key or not. The patent application shows a picture of an iPhone iPod app with a separate button for Karaoke.

Sigh. Our wait for “the newer, better iPhone” will never end, will it?

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