It's TGI Friday on the FTSE 100

It’s been a crazy week for stock markets around the world and you can practically hear traders in London breathing a sigh of relief as we go into the long weekend.

The FTSE 100 didn’t do much today, just closing up 0.48%, or 30.02 points at 6222.05.

The index has made up all the losses from Monday’s slump, which was sparked by “Black Monday” on the Shanghai Composite.

AJ Bell’s investment director Russ Mould says in an email: “Investors will relish the long weekend following a topsy-turvy week for blue chip stocks which, despite some swings and roundabouts on the way, recovered from the carnage of Black Monday.”

The chart below, putting this week in the context of the whole months, shows just how volatile the week’s been. And it’s the last week of August! This wasn’t supposed to happen!

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