Obama Picked One Of Google's Fiercest Defenders To Join The Agency Probing It

Joshua WrightJoshua Wright

Photo: Getty Images/Alex Wong

A law professor who has been one of Google’s biggest defenders on antitrust issues – and who’s reportedly tied to groups funded by the tech giant – could actually serve on the agency that’s probing Google.President Barack Obama nominated Joshua Wright to be a new FTC commissioner on Monday.

Since then, a number of news organisations have pointed out that Wright has attacked the FTC’s probe into whether Google is stifling competition, even going so far as to write a paper called “The Case Against the Antitrust Case Against Google.”

The San Jose Mercury News’ Chris O’Brien also pointed out that Wright has ties to organisations that receive funding from Google, including Techfreedom.org, where he’s a senior fellow.

There’s “no doubt his nomination has put a smile on the faces of Google’s D.C. policy office,” O’Brien wrote.

We reached out to Google for comment but did not receive an immediate response. Wright told Politico Tuesday it was “safe to say” he has no comment for now.

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