Should Other Publications Follow FT And Quit The App Store?

The Financial Times quit Apple’s App Store last year, and it has been relying on HTML 5 to deliver a user-friendly mobile experience to its readers ever since.

We spoke with Rob Grimshaw, the managing director of, at IGNITION and asked him how the surprising move has helped and hurt the publication.

Michael Bayle from ESPN, Paul Rossi, managing director and EVP Americas for The Economist, and Paul Canetti, founder and CEO of MAZ Digital, also weighed in on whether giving up applications in favour of developing mobile websites was a viable future for publications.

“I think that eventually that’s going to become unacceptable in the way that it’s unacceptable if you Google your brand and you can’t find it. I do think that is going to be the case with apps as well,” said Canetti.

Watch the full discussion below.


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