Financial Times Website And Twitter Feeds Defaced By Syrian Hackers

The website and Twitter feed of the Financial Times have been attacked by members of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a pro-regime group that has carried out a number of attacks on Western media groups.

SEA member Th3 Pr0 (who claims to be just 18-years-old) has confirmed to Business Insider the group were behind the attack.

The hackers were apparently able to gain access to the FT’s Tech Blog, posting a number of articles titled “Hacked By The Syrian Electronic Army”.

The articles now appear to have been removed, but their titles can be seen via search:

FT.comThe group also appeared to have compromised some of the media group’s Twitter accounts. While the tweets from the SEA appear to have been deleted, Twitter users have caught some screenshots:

@mikkoTh3 Pr0 sent screenshots that appeared to show he had access to some of the FT’s Twitter accounts:

Th3 Pr0 FT Hack

The SEA has been behind a number of attacks on Western media groups, including the AP, E! Online and the Onion.

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