Frustrated Palm Investor Trolls BlackBerry’s Facebook Page (PALM)


Elevation Partners spent $325 million on a 25% stake in Palm (PALM) in June 2007. Yesterday, Palm pre-announced fiscal Q2 revenues 40% below Wall Street expectations.

But don’t worry about Elevation Partners investor Roger McNamee. Roger’s found a venue for taking out his frustrations: Trolling a Verizon (VZ) Wireless Facebook page touting the new RIM (RIMM) BlackBerry Storm, telling visitors to check out New York Times columnist David Pogue’s nasty review.

We know Roger, who plays in a rock band with former SNL band leader G.E. Smith, is a fun guy. So this is probably just Roger being Roger. But let’s hope that Palm’s sharp cost cuts aren’t affecting its trained P.R. team.

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