Addictive iPhone Game Fruit Ninja Hits 2 Million App Sales

fruit ninja

Add another iPhone app to the list of best sellers.

Halfbrick Studios, the company behind Fruit Ninja, says it’s sold 2 million copies of its popular $0.99 game on the iPhone. That’s roughly $1.4 million in revenue after Apple takes its cut.

In the game, fruits pop up on the screen and you slice them with your finger.

Fruit Ninja probably got a big boost from Apple’s latest iPad ad, which features the game.

Then again, maybe not. Halfbrick says it took 74 days to sell the first million copies, and 78 days for the next.

Halfbrick also threw out this neat stat: Total fruits sliced worldwide is at 24,342,983,809.

(via: Pocketgamer)

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