A Crazy Chinese Deep Freeze Is Causing Vegetable Prices To Surge [PHOTOS]

china freeze

Photo: China 24

China is going through a historic cold snap.The national average temperature has reached its lowest level in 28 years.

The average temperature in northeast China dipped to -4.5 degrees F, the coldest in 43 years, and dropped to a 42-year low of -18.7 degrees F in northern China.

We’ve told you how this has inflicted major damage on crops, in turn causing prices to surge.

Now we’ve dug up some images showing the damage. 

It's not pretty out there.

The weather's wreaking havoc on roads...

...And prompted warnings the Yellow River will freeze.

But crops have arguably seen the worst damage.

In the past 10 weeks, average price of vegetables has jumped 55 per cent.

Prices of 27 vegetables in the first week of 2013 increased 4.5 per cent week-on-week.

Farmers have been trying anything and everything to cope with the trauma.

... to little avail

This farmer says his village will lose 13 hectares of sugar cane.

Also, there's no water.

So, many must trudge into town to fill up. If you don't have a car, you're in even worse shape.

And that's assuming you can call in to the local water depot over wires that haven't frozen over.

Meteorologists say the freeze could last several more weeks.

Luckily, spirits seem unbowed.

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