From university drop out to artist for Kanye West and Vera Wang, meet Brisbane girl CJ Henry and her work

Photo: CJ Henry/ Instagram.

Just three short years ago CJ Henry was studying accounting and finance at university.

In 2013, she dropped out and got a job working at a Chanel retail store in Brisbane for $45,000 a year.

Still unsatisfied, and a yearning for something more, Henry sold all her designer clothes on Ebay to fund a new career as an artist.

She made a promise to herself to stick it out for a year and if she didn’t sell anything she would go back to university.

Today, she’s drawn for the likes of Kanye West, Vera Wang, Floyd Mayweather and David Caruso.

Now, under the guidance and mentorship of art dealer Bill Tikos — founder of popular design blog The Cool Hunter — Henry, 26, has enjoyed two sell-out solo exhibitions — one in Sydney and the other in Melbourne — and has a waiting list of 1500 people wishing to purchase her next piece.

“The detail is so incredible; they look like a black and white photograph,” Tikos told Executive Style.

Henry, now based in New York, recently completed her latest collection, “50 Foods in 50 Days”, inspired by the last meal choices of death-row inmates.

“At first glance it is French designer plates and mouth-watering foods,” writes David Mousa on The Cool Hunter blog.

“However, the collection is so much more than just an exploration of food, high-end design and art. It is revolutionary in the sense of how art is made and exhibited.”

As stated, Henry produced 50 drawings for 50 days, releasing one every 24 hours on her Instagram account, which is where Tikos first discovered her work.

“Each small line, shade or tone is purposeful and amounts to a final image which pleases the eye and stays true to the incredibly difficult style of art that is photo realism”, Mousa says.

All 50 drawings — 75cm squared — were sold almost immediately, fetching $US8800 each.

Here’s a look at some of her exquisite art.

Let the champagne splash, let that man get cash.

Asparagus on Hermes.

Asparagus on Hermes Contact [email protected] to enquire #50foodsin50days #day49 #iamsaditsalmostover

A photo posted by cj hendry (@cj_hendry) on

Doritos on Hermes.

'I try to eat a grapefruit for Brekky most mornings but the whole time I'm eating it I am thinking of croissants,' she says.

Octopus on Hermes.

Octopus on Hermes Contact [email protected] to enquire #50foodsin50days #day28

A photo posted by cj hendry (@cj_hendry) on

Apaz carrots help you see in the dark.

Apaz carrots help you see in the dark #50foodsin50days #day20

A photo posted by cj hendry (@cj_hendry) on

A work in progress.

She also sold a deck of cards.

51 out of 54 cards sold. Thanks team

A photo posted by cj hendry (@cj_hendry) on



A photo posted by cj hendry (@cj_hendry) on

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