From odd man out to man of the moment, Jarryd Hayne’s massive progress in two photos

From Australian newbie to international success story, Jarryd Hayne has become one of the most talked about players in the NFL since making the final roster cut for the San Francisco 49ners.

When he decided to walk out on rugby league to pursue an opportunity to play NFL, he was met with criticism and skepticism.

Now officially a member of the 53-man squad, Hayne, 27, has been able to prove his critics wrong.

“I’m just blessed and honoured to be part of the 49ers franchise. They’ve given me the opportunity, they are the ones who put faith in me and have given me the opportunity,” Hayne said.

“Coach Tomsula and Trent Baalke (general manager) have been great throughout the whole process. For them to put faith in me and give me an opportunity more than anything, that’s probably the biggest thing. When everyone else had their question marks, all the so-called experts thought they knew everything and thought they’d seen it all before. For them to see something different in me and want to explore that option, it’s through those guys who opened the door for me and gave me the opportunity.”

When he first entered the camp, many questioned how Hayne’s physique, in comparison to the seasoned NFL players around him, could even fair.


But it’s Hayne who has had the last laugh.


Watch this space.