From Mobile Payments To Running A Smarter Diary, Here Are 18 Conveniences You Should Be Using On Your Smartphone

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Mobile technologies are updating at such a rate that many of us are unaware of all the convenient and helpful features and apps that have been developed.

From mobile payments to running a smarter diary, once you start using these applications you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them.

To make sure you aren’t behind the times, Business Insider has pulled together a list of some of the best apps and features that you should have on your smartphone.

Here they are.

Apps for iPhone and Android

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great cloud storage service and has an excellent mobile office suite. Access files from anywhere, create new spreadsheets and documents, and collaborate with other people, all from your mobile.


Collect news based on the topics your interested in. Create an archive, on your mobile, of various articles to read at your leisure. Ideas can be shared with friends so recommendations will always appear.


This calendar app syncs with all your important tasks, taking all the important information about your contacts to create happy birthday messages, meeting reminders, and schedule tasks to do.


Make notes for work and edit them on any device, including your tablet, phone or laptop. The app takes dictation and lets you photograph documents or record sound directly into your notes.


Make payments instantly and securely to your friends from your smartphone. It’s a great tool to have if you need to split a bill or if you just owe someone money.


See who you want to see

Fine-tune your email notifications on your iPhone by setting different alerts for different email accounts. Or even a customised notification for a specific contact.

How to: Open the Mail > Mailboxes > VIP > Add VIP option. Now you can select someone from your contacts, add them to the VIP list and set the notification accordingly.

Pet names

Teach Siri about the relationships you have with people so she will recognise them in ways other than their proper name.

How to: holding down the home button ask Siri “Call my girlfriend”, for example, and Siri will ask you for their name and then match your relationship to the name so that the next time you say “Call girlfriend” it will dial that number.

Set reminders by location

Set reminders on your iPhone to go off when you reach a particular location.

How to: if you need to buy petrol on your way home, for example, open Reminders > New List > add reminder “buy petrol” > tap ‘i’ > Remind me at a location and enter the address of the petrol station.

Lullaby baby

If you want to fall asleep to music without waking up with a drained battery, set a timer for when you want it to stop playing.

How to: open Clock > Timer >. Then set how long you want your timer to last for. Then go to > When Timer Ends and scroll down to Stop Playing > Set > Start. This also works for audiobooks and other media.

Sneaky selfies

Use your headphones to take a better shot when taking a selfie on your iPhone.

How to: with you headphone plugged in to your phone, open the Camera and use the volume up button on your headphones to take a photo. This means you can take a more natural-looking photo from further away.

Charge your phone faster

Always left stressing about your last few minutes of remaining battery? Charge your iPhone faster!

How to: when charging you phone open Settings > Airplane Mode and switch it on. This suspends most of your device’s transmitting functions so your battery is charged faster.

The sky’s the limit

Using your iPhone ask Siri about the planes flying above you and she’ll know.

How to: holding down the home button ask Siri “What flights are above me?” and you’ll be provided with a chart featuring each plane’s flight details.



The Galaxy S5 is Australia’s first phone with a built in Tap-and-pay system, which allows you to make transactions through your phone’s NFC chip.

How to: Download the app for your bank, log in with your account details, then follow the prompts to set up tap-and-pay.

Share memories

Create highlight videos without editing or share your photos to friends and family easily. HTC’s Video Highlights feature automatically selects the highlights of an event from your photos to create a half-minute show with a musical theme.

How to: open Gallery > Events > , then select photos taken at a certain event. Go to > HTC Share > Review > Upload and share.

Motion Launch

Activate your phone simply by using actions and gestures.

How to: double tap the HTC One M8’s display, then perform a swiping gesture left to view the home screen, right to launch BlinkFeed and down for voice-dialling feature.

Keep up with the beat

The Galaxy S5’s built-in Heart Rate Monitor lets you keep up on your health with no additional accessories required.

How to: open Heart Rate Monitor and follow the prompts.

Download booster

Using the Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity on your Galaxy S5, Download booster helps to increase download speeds when you get a file over 30MB in size.

How to: open Settings > Network connections > Data usage.

Touch sensitivity

Wearing gloves? No problem. The Galaxy S5 allows you to increase touch sensitivity of the phone so demands are registered without skin contact.

How to: Pull down the Settings menu, and press the Touch Sensitivity button to enable.

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