FROM GEEK TO CHIC: New York's Top VCs And Entrepreneurs Turn Into Supermodels

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On Thursday, one of the biggest tech events of the year took place at Armory in New York City.

Raise Cache and Hack NY got together to put on a fashion show featuring clothing and accessories from startups like Bonobos and Bauble Bar.

Models ranged from Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson to Techstars Managing Director David Tisch.

Their transformation from jeans and t-shirts to suits and ties was pretty incredible.

We were there to catch the techies walk the runway. Everyone was so dressed up, we were only able to recognise about half of the models.  If you know any of the people we missed, leave their names and companies in the comments.

First we checked backstage, where Stylecaster, one of the event's hosting committee members, was prepping its models.

Susie G, Editor at StyleCaster, designed all their models outfits.

Union Square Ventures' Fred Wilson backstage

Phil Thomas Di Giulio, cofounder of Framesocket

Rachel Sklar, cofounder of Change the Ratio

Brooke Moreland, cofounder of Fashism

Matt Kochman, formerly of Uber

Alexis Tryon, cofounder of Artsicle

Scott Carleton, cofounder of Artsicle

Caren Maio, cofounder of Nestio

Chris Paik, Thrive Capital

Kathryn Minshew, cofounder of The Daily Muse

Kevin Prentiss, founder of Red Rover

Courtney Boyd Myers, editor of The Next Web

Reece Pacheco, cofounder of

Alexis Tryon, cofounder of Artsicle

Marissa Evans, founder of GoTryItOn

Andrew Rasiej, Chairman of NYTM

Mimi Nguyen of

Founder of Carter Cleveland crosses himself before his big move...

He reaches in, grabs his underwear, and throws them into the crowd.

Caroline Scheinfeld, associate at Zelkova Ventures

Erin Tao of Aviary

Sarah Kunst, Former Digital Strategist at Guest of a Guest

Ashley Granata Fashism

Melanie Moore, formerly of To Vie For

Brooke Moreland, cofounder of Fashism

Alan Patricof, founder of Greycroft LLC

Nikhil Kalghatgi of Softbank

Later in the show some models made off with the cash...hey these are entrepreneurs we are talking about here.

Katia Beauchamp, cofounder of Birchbox

Caroline Scheinfeld, associate at Zelkova Ventures

Jordan Cooper, Lerer Ventures

Nihal Mehta, founder of Local Response

Dave Tisch, Managing Director of Techstars NYC

Nate Westheimer, Executive Director of NYTM

Aubrey Sabala, Sr Director of Digital Media at NASDAQ

Summer Rayne Oakes, cofounder of Source4Style

Megan Filipp, Business Development Associate at Onswipe

Cezary pietrzak, cofounder at Wanderfly

Dan Herman, cofounder of ChatID

Lilia Stroker, Director of Creative Visual at BaubleBar

Carol Han, CA Creative (formerly of Stylecaster)

Amy Cao, head of community at Foodspotting

After the show, backstage props litter the ground. This one was Fred Wilson's. Looks like some tech stars support OWS.

And people continued to party.

Want to see a start up that really combines tech and fashion?

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