Frito-Lay Knows Exactly How You Shop For Snacks, And Has Put You Into One Of These Four Categories


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behavioural researchers are always watching what we do in stores. They’re logging our movements, purchasing habits, and much more to figure out what we really do — not just what we say we’re going to do.And marketers use all of that information to try to figure out how to best align products in the grocery aisle.

Take Frito-Lay for example. It recently shared with John Karolefski at CPGmatters how it categorizes consumers that are looking for salty snacks, and how retailers should organise products accordingly.

Here are the four categories, and how to deal with them:

  • Health Shoppers: Better-For-You (BFY) snacks tend to have their own shelf space because of the narrow focus of Health Shoppers.
  • Habit Shoppers: They tend to buy the same brands/flavours every time. Don’t confuse them. Make it easy to find their chips so they can get what they want and move on.
  • Size/Stimulus Shoppers: These variety-seeking shoppers like to browse the aisle, so make it organised with brand cues.
  • Price/Promo Shoppers: Shop-by-price consumers need a value section.

How it figure all of this out? Companies like Frito-Lay go to great lengths to find out how you behave. It has a 15,000-square-foot “simulated supermarket” down in Dallas, Texas devoted to watching real people shop, and figuring out their habits.

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