Frito-Lay stops making snacks at its California plant after several employees show coronavirus symptoms

  • Frito-Lay shut down its factory in Modesto, California after several employees showed signs and symptoms of the coronavirus.
  • The coronavirus is not known to to be spread through food or food packaging, but the plant shut down as a precaution.
  • Employees will be paid for up to 12 weeks during the closure.
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The popular snack, Frito-lays, shut its factory doors in Modesto, California after some of the PepsiCo employees showed signs of the coronavirus, Fox40 reported Tuesday.

PepsiCo did not release the number of workers who showed symptoms but nearly 620 full-time workers are employed at the site in Modesto.

The employees who showed symptoms are under a 14-day quarantine, but the factory decided to shut its doors as a precaution even though COVID-19 is not known to be spread through food or food packaging.

The facility will be deep-cleaned in coordination with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention requirements while it’s shuttered.

The employees under quarantine will continue to receive full pay. PepsiCo will also continue to pay the other workers from the factory in full for up to 12 weeks.

Other companies, including BMW, shut down their US factory production lines in South Carolina because of the coronavirus pandemic. Boeing’s manufacturing plant in Washington shut down after one of its employees died from COVID-19.

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