NYC-Based “Fringe” Crew To Lose Jobs?


As the tax-breaks for NYC tv and film production dry up, rumours are emerging about which shows may decamp for cheaper climates.

Fox’s Fringe may be the first to go. Producers are reportedly looking for stage space in Toronto, where they were originally headed, and drawing up budgets for filming there.

Meanwhile, a petition to reinstate the program is circulating among film workers desperate to keep their jobs.

In just two days, it has 6,000 signatures. State legislators will consider whether to refund the program at the end of April, but that may be too late for many shows that have to make decisions before then, Crain’s  New York claims.

There’s still no news on the fate of other NYC series, possibly because this story has been woefully underreported, but we’ll do our best to make up for that. For now, our pure speculation on two local shows:

  • Damages, despite what Crain’s unsubstantiated lede would have you believe, will most likely not be leaving New York. The show is filmed here solely because Glenn Close said she would only do a TV show if it was filmed in the city, so as long as she’s a part of it, we highly doubt it’s going anywhere.
  • And just to say this since no one else has, we kind of wouldn’t be surprised if Gossip Girl leaves. Here’s why: Most of the main characters are headed to college next year, and since the writers seem set on sending them to Yale and Brown and not, say, Columbia or NYU, it would be very easy for the show to film at some Canadian college stand-in.