Friends Of Accused Harvard Student Are Shocked He Could Be Responsible For Bomb Threat

Friends of Eldo Kim are “shocked” that the Harvard sophomore could be responsible for Monday’s campus bomb threat, according to The Harvard Crimson.

Kim was identified Tuesday as the person behind threatening emails sent to the Harvard University Police Department and The Crimson. He reportedly crafted the bomb threat to avoid a final exam.

Several Harvard students who know Kim expressed their surprise at his involvement to The Crimson. “I find it very shocking that he would actually do this,” said one Harvard student who lived with Kim in Thayer Hall last year, one of the four buildings that was evacuated Monday.

Another student — who worked with Kim at a campus publication — described him as “quiet but very sweet” and told The Crimson “Given my opinion of him, it was quite a shock to find out that he was responsible for the bomb hoax.”

One of Kim’s friends also found it surprising that he would be worried enough about finals to fake the bomb threat, The Crimson reports:

“I wouldn’t have expected [this],” the student said. The student suggested that Kim “probably studied a lot” for his exam on Monday, but may have gone into “panic mode” and “did something really stupid because he didn’t know what to do.”

“He did have a stressful semester,” the student said, declining to go into further detail about past conversations with Kim.

Kim has been charged in connection with the bomb threat and is due in court Wednesday.

Check out the full story from The Harvard Crimson >>

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