PICTURES: Here are Friday's front pages after the UK general election exit poll chaos

LONDON — Britain is bracing for a shock result after Thursday’s general election.

The official exit poll, published after polling stations closed at 10 p.m. BST, is predicting a hung parliament, with the incumbent Conservatives failing to win an overall majority as the left-wing Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn gains 34 seats.

Theresa May called the snap election from a position of apparent strength, to reinforce her party before the Brexit negotiations. But instead, the Conservatives may have hobbled themselves, and May’s future looks uncertain.

Corbyn, meanwhile, may have defied his critics — both inside and outside the party — to do what few mainstream commentators predicted.

The national newspapers have already published their first front pages for Friday morning, and they underscore the sheer surprise felt by most of the political establishment at the result.

Business Insider has rounded up some of the key newspapers that illustrate how the country is reacting.

And remember: These are likely to change as the papers put out second- and third-editions throughout the night as the official results come in. Stay tuned for more.

Keep reading to see them…

The Sun doesn't hold back. 'MAYHEM,' its headline shouts.

The Sun

'May's big gamble fails,' says The Times.

The Times

The Financial Times follows a similar thread, highlighting how May's attempt to strengthen her hand by holding a snap election may have been a mistake.

Financial Times

The Daily Mirror goes even further with its headline, writing that May's job is 'Hanging By A Thread.'

Daily Daily

The Guardian keeps it simple, while emphasising May's role: 'Exit poll shock for May.'

The Guardian

Now, here's The Daily Mail's dramatic take: 'Britain On A Knife Edge.'

The Daily Mail

We'll add more newspaper frontpages as we have them, and as later editions come in, so stay tuned.

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