FRIDAY EXCITEMENT: War Of Words Between Bill Gross And The WSJ!

Update: It appears we totally misread the tweet below, and that it was meant very literally, that next week WSJ will report a PIMCO/Lehman story, and now PIMCO is pre-empting that.

Thanks to Heidi Moore, who read it in the proper light.

Original post: Alright! Just when you thought today was going to be a total snoozefest, as the market does nothing (except go up) and everyone goes to the beach…

A war breaks out between The Wall Street Journal and PIMCO’s Bill Gross.

You see, WSJ’s Mark Gongloff wrote not one, but two pieces today about Bill Gross hemming and hawing on CNBC regarding his stance on Treasuries.

Since Gross has been talking down Treasuries, and since Treasuries have been rallying, this is easy fodder for writers (guilty).

Anyway, Gross must be annoyed, because the usually staid PIMCO twitter account tweeted:


Actually, we’re not sure what that means…