Freshen Up iPhone With These 10 Unique Accessories

vamp speaker bluetooth

The iPhone 5 has been out for eight months now.

During that time there have been a ton of accessories that have surfaced. 

The accessories in this list all enhance your experience and make using your iPhone easier and more useful.

Take for example, the Ventev line of chargesync iPhone lightning cables. These¬†tangle-free cords are brightly coloured so they’re easy to find.

The other accessories on the list all enhance your experience and make that two-year contract a little more bearable.

Fuel is the world's smallest smartphone charger. It uses micro cell technology to extend battery life by about 20-30 minutes.

Price: $24.99

Ventev's Lightning cables work with any Apple device with a Lightning port, the new smaller charger Apple debuted on the iPhone 5. What's so great about Ventev's lightning cord is that it's tangle-free and comes in different colours that are easy to spot.

Price: $25

The Matrix Audio Qube is one of the loudest speakers in a small package we've ever heard. The aluminium casing matches up perfectly with the iPhone and is very durable.

Price: $49.99

Lapka's environmental sensors pair with your iPhone to measure, collect, and analyse the hidden qualities of your surroundings. For example, you can stick one of the sensors in an apple to test how organic it is.

Price: $200

Most of the time iPhone cases add too much bulk or don't protect your phone. When we came across the Spigen Slim armour case we were actually impressed. The case adds very little bulk but makes your iPhone shock proof and covers up the side buttons.

Price: $24.99

The Vamp is a Kickstarter project out of the UK. The small device brings your old speakers back to life by turning them into wireless speakers for your iPhone.

Price: About $70

If you're ever running low on battery and have no where to charge, you need to a Mophie. The Juicepack Air or Helium both add hours to your phone's battery life.

Tylt's band car charger can juice two devices at once and includes and tangle-free cord. Plus, it looks cool and comes in plenty of bright colours.

Price: $29.99

The Cube Sensors measure your indoor environment. The sensors help users to understand when and why people are drowsy at a meeting, measure noises that make some people uncomfortable and unproductive, and even understand the effects of temperature and air quality on your sleep.

The MOS magnetic cable organiser is the perfect solution for people who have a ton of gadgets. MOS organizes all your cables on your desk magnetically so when they're not in use they don't get tangled and messy.

Price: $19.95

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