Fresh Signs Rebranding (Kumo?) Coming To Microsoft Online


Here’s one good reason Microsoft (MSFT) is lagging in the search market: Too many people, even those who consider themselves Internet wizards, don’t even know where on the web Microsoft Search is.

(The correct answer:, among other places.)

But Kip Kniskem of finds a tweet, now deleted, by a Microsoft strategist promising a new name is coming. The Seattle P-I’s Joseph Tartakoff goes on to name the tweeter as Microsoft search expert Barney Pell.


Not too surprising — new Microsoft online chief Qi Lu has said he wants a rebrand, a sentiment echoed by Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell last week.

The rumoured frontrunner is the word “kumo,” which apparently is Japanese for either cloud or spider. Sounds kind of silly to us, but then, so did “Hulu” when we first heard it.

Whatever the new name is, we hope Microsoft moves quickly. Changing the terribly-named “” is the low-hanging fruit of the rehabilitation of Microsoft online.

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