Fresh Claims Of Corruption Have Been Made Against Leighton

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There have been fresh corruption claims made against Leighton in a news report.

According to Fairfax, executives at two firms owned by the listed construction company allegedly leaked secret information which was used to win a $224 million telecommunications contract, earlier this year.

Citing emails the report says managers and staff at Leighton-owned Silcar engaged in a conspiracy to steal tender info from Visonstream, which is also owned by Leighton.

Emails, according to the report, also show Visonstream workers assisting Silcar staff to do so, providing tender files relating to an Optus mobile contract which Visonstream later won.

Both companies were competing with each other for the contract. Visionstream is fully-owned by Leighton. At the time of the reported claims, Silcar was half-owned, though Leighton has since bought-out the rest of the company.

The two companies conducted internal investigations which led to several staff being dismissed. Sicar also withdrew from the tender bid.

Leighton said it was decided the matter did not need to be referred to police of the ACCC.

There’s more here.

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